2021 AGM Update

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our annual general meeting and thanks to our new executive and committee members for stepping up to help (list of executive and committee members can be found here).

Motions and Resolutions Passed:
Motion 1) Dead Fish Rule Changes: That FCBM tournament anglers shall come to tournaments prepared to harvest any dead fish deemed to be dead* (or too close to death for successful release*) by the tournament director. (* i.e. a dead fish penalty has been accessed for that fish). Under no circumstances shall dead fish be put back in the waterbody nor shall it be placed in the garbage or allowed to be wasted (as per Ontario Fishing Regulations).
Note: It should be noted that conservation and health of fish caught during our tournaments is one of our highest priorities (see also Resolution 1 below) and it should be noted that only one dead fish penalty was given during the entire 2020 season.
Motion 2) Creation of Tournament Director as full executive member position.
Motion 3) Elimination of Secretary executive position
Motion 4) Speaker Coordinator(s) position added
Motion 5) Purchase of buffs for club members (motion tabled until spring, other purchases and uses of monies proposed)

Resolution 1) That Forest City Bassmasters (FCBM) evaluate and examine a variety of tournament options that focus on fish care and conservation – led by the executive and tournament committee and based on best practices and scientific evidence. That FCBM members accept flexibility in tournament types that consider such factors and water and air temperature, water quality, live well capacities, common depths of capture (barotrauma issues). That FCBM act as leaders in this area.

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