Boater/Non Boater Etiquette

Sharing Gas Expenses
At the beginning of the day it is the boaters responsibility to have to the tow vehicle and at least one tank in the boat full of gas. Then at the end of the day stop at a gas station and fill them back up. This amount is to be split 50/50. Any other expenses like boat ramp fees will also be split 50/50.

The amount of rods and tackle you can bring depends on the boater you draw. You should have a conversation about this ahead of time. Your tackle bag should fit in a standard boat compartment. Your rods should be rigged and ready to go on tournament day. Have a talk with your boater and ask what kind of fishing they plan on doing. Your lures should have lure wraps on them to prevent accidentally hooking seats. The boater should make sure that the non boater has ample space to put all his stuff.

If you are not comfortable backing up a boat/trailer please ask for help. For those drivers who can back up boats, please make yourself available.

When packing your lunch, please keep them very simple. Try to avoid messy sandwiches (mayo, mustard etc.), never bring carbonated drinks as they explode in rough water.

Boat/Tow Vehicle Etiquette
Please treat these as if they were your own. Before you get in the boat please wipe off your feet as a lot of ramps are very muddy. If you are fishing weedy areas please discard the weeds back into the water and not on the floor of the boat. When casting be aware of the motor cowling that is right beside you. While in the tournament if you accidentally hook a small fish deep, take it off at the side of the boat to prevent blood from getting on the carpets. At the end of the day please remember to take all your garbage with you.

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