2018 Pittock Evening Results

Unfortunately the water quality in our local Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) reservoirs continues to deteriorate year after year. A decaying algae bloom at Pittock Lake gave us nasty brown water with little to no visibility last night, making fishing conditions less than ideal (to put it nicely). This trend and high gate/launch fees means this will likely be our last tournament on UTRCA lakes for the foreseeable future. As a member of a group of both avid anglers and conservation minded individuals I can say that saddens me greatly. We have had some fun outings on these lakes. I can only hope that initiatives to improve water quality will continue to be promoted and acted upon.

Congrats to Dave Harris who managed to grind out two small largemouth for the win.

Upcoming High School and Jr. Bassmaster Shore Fishing MLF Derby

Presented by Forest City and KWC Bassmasters – High School and Jr. Bassmaster Shore Fishing MLF Style Derby – free and open to all OBN HS or Jr. club members. Entry is free, free BBQ lunch, free camping on site the night before, lots of sponsor prizes coming in for this!!!! Should be a ton of fun. If any club member parents are interested in helping out that would also be appreciated. Contact info on the flyer below.