October Update

Just a quick update after our October virtual meeting. Near unanimous voting results from two propositions: 1) Membership fees for 2021 have been reduced to $60. High school aged (over 16) members are still $40 and affiliate (second club) memberships are $30. 2) We will look into Forest City buffs (or other swag) to be distributed to our members and report back.

You can now start sending payments in (electronically) for the 2021 season. Reminder that we need to have enough signed up before year end so we don’t lose our ratification with B.A.S.S. – so please do so at your earliest convenience.

2020 Lake St. Clair Tournament Results

A giant 12.04 lb bag of largemouth anchored by the tournament big fish of 5.70 lb gave Owen Mueller the win on Lake St. Clair during a rainy and wind filled day. Tonk King finished second with 11.60 lb and Davis Zink came in third with 10.30 lb. Mueller notched the clubs third biggest fish and both Mueller and King added records to the top five 3-fish limits. That wraps up our shortened season for this year. Fishing was good when we were finally able to get out with lots of club records set. Hope to see you all next year!

2020 St. Clair River Results

A windy day on the river made for some tough fishing but our top three managed to find some big limits and big fish. Two top five club 3-fish limits were caught and our club’s second largest big fish was recorded. Congrats to Aaron Hathaway in 1st with 12.45 lb., Matt Kelly in second with 11.32 lb., and Mark Biesinger in 3rd with 9.12 lb. and a big fish of 5.92 lb.

2020 Rondeau Bay Tournament Results

Huge smallmouth anchored the bags of all of our top three for this tournament. Felicia Pavelich wins her second club tournament this year with a huge 12.34 lbs for a three fish limit along with big fish honors at 5.48 lbs. Matt Kelly (10.34 lbs.) and Jeromy Lee (9.28 lbs) came in second and third, respectively. All five club three fish bag record entries were eclipsed in this event and two club big fish record entries were added. A great day of fishing even with a 2 hour thunderstorm interruption!

2020 Week 2 Virtual Tournament Results

Anglers in this event were able to watch in real time the lead change five times in the last few hours of the tournament. With minutes remaining Mark Biesinger took the lead from Alicia Raytrowsky and held on for the win with 93.75 inches! Alicia finished second with 90.25 inches and Richard Elliott (who also held the lead for a while) in third with 89.50 inches. These virtual events were great fun, we’ll definitely be doing these again next year!

2020 Week 1 Virtual Tournament Results

A five fish limit of 97.25 inches gave Mark Biesinger the win in our first ever week-long virtual tournament held using the TourneyX Pro application. That’s an average size of almost 19.5 inches! Following up Mark was T.J. Raytrowsky in second with 83.50 inches and Scott Bannerman in third with 82.25 inches. Our next week-long tourney is coming up shortly. Give them a try – they are a fun way to compete while you’re out fishing wherever that may be or however you like to do it – lake, river, boat, kayak, shoreline, up at the cottage, on your way back from work etc.

2020 Wildwood Lake Evening Tournament Results

Congratulations to Felicia Pavelich with a 1st place and big fish win on Wildwood Lake. It was great seeing everyone back out on the water for our first tournament this year. Welcome as well to all our new club members – Forest City now has 39 members as of today. A big thank you from everyone in the club to our tournament committee (Kevin, Matt, Jeromy and Mark) who put in a ton of work setting up protocols and procedures to allow these tournaments to go forward safely during these unprecedented times. Also congrats to Matt Fryer in second place and Scott Bannerman who took third place.

Our next two tournaments will be a bit different. We’re going to use the TourneyX Pro app to do two – one week long fish anywhere tournaments. Signups and payments will be through the app. This is our first time trying this so we’ll see how it goes, hopefully we can figure out the technical stuff to have it run smoothly. Details to come out by email shortly.

2020 Wildwood Lake Results – Note: 3 fish limit for this event.

2020 Tournament Season Restarted

Tournaments for Forest City club members only with heavily modified rules and safety processes have now been approved by Ontario Bass Nation. Signup info and rules sheets will be emailed to club members. Revised 2020 Tournament Schedule can be viewed here.