2023 Rondeau Bay Opener Tournament

The norm was not so normal this year. Rondeau Bay, known for weeds and bass on the bank at this time, was so different for this opener. Alexi and Don figured out there was no real pattern early and went junk fishing. This paid off coming in with 14.3 lbs and big fish. 2nd place was the Stratford express of Jeromy Lee and Scott Bannerman with just over 13lbs but not finding the big kicker they needed. The veteran Jeff struggled the find the decent bite all day long fishing with co-angler Jin Yoo in his first bass tournament. The young guns from Stratford finished 3rd in their first club event with just over 12lbs. Great weather after early rain ended just before blast off, luckily avoiding down pours all day long in neighboring areas. Members are encouraged to get out for our Wildwood evening event as a local paper will be doing an article from this tournament!

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