Final Club Meeting Before Summer Break, Tuesday June 6th, 7pm

Club Meeting Tuesday June 6th at 7 pm – East Side Marios on Fanshawe Park Rd. (NOTE THE UNUSUAL DATE).
Bring your appetites! Our meeting will be in person in the special event area/room at East Side Marios at 94 Fanshawe Park Rd. East, London ON N5X 4C5. They’re letting us use the room free of charge providing we eat and drink (shouldn’t be too hard for this group 🙂).
We have the room from 7 (6:50 ish) to 9 (ish). Bring your appetites! Badda boom, badda bing! New members welcome – come see what we’re about!

Speaker: 2021 AOY Winner Mark Biesinger will literally tell you exactly what he did during tournaments that year (and maybe from some other wins as well)…like no secrets spared! If you are new to the area, new to tournament fishing, looking to improve your game, need a tip for specific tournaments etc. – here is your chance to ask, specifics down to the bait, hook size, line, rod/reel, structure types, boat control, electronics will be given if asked.

Agenda: Club fees are due $75
Hank Gibson Qualifier – we need non-boaters!!
Door prizes!!! Two awesome assorted tackle packs ($30-40 dollar value) from our friends at Angling Sports

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