2022 St. Clair River Tournament

Veteran mistakes vs Rookie success! The day started out with overcast conditions with the threat of rain but ended up being a beautiful day on the St Clair River! Half the field headed north and half headed south. The teams starting out north dominated the tournament with all top three places. Rookie Alexi Orr started day off quick with a 5lber and adding another one during the day with his teammate Scott Bannerman taking the win and big fish with 20.01 lbs and two fish over 5lbs. The second place team of Jeff Zeisner and Terry Wilson slowly worked way up river and back down thinking out every move. Jeff having the AOY on his mind with not attending last tournament! Well deserved. Ending in 2nd with 18.0 lbs. Third place Ian Fogarty and rookie Chris Hamilton went to their spot and locked down for third with 16.37 lbs. Vet Jeromy Lee and rookie Ken Aubertin ran up and down the river both ways. Biggest mistake came from a very veteran team thinking it was the end of day light savings time and checking in a hour late! Numbers haven’t been what they are in past but still some big bags and talented anglers!

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