Thanks David Chong / FCBM Plastic Recycling

A big thanks to Dave Chong for speaking to our club in March. Lots of great info on the latest items from Z-man and Garmin and great tips on a variety of fishing scenarios!

David Chong

We also handed off our collection of used plastic baits to Brad Andrews from Erie Bassmasters who will recycle them into new baits. Forest City collected 19 lb of used plastics for 2018. Thanks to Brad for making the trip up to London for this and thanks for the bait samples – we’ve passed them on some young anglers for the upcoming season.

FCBM Conservation Director Matt Fryer (left) and Erie Bassmasters Brad Andrews (right).

Forest City collected 19 lbs of used plastic from its members in 2018.

Brad Andrews from Erie Bassmasters turns the used plastics into new baits!

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