Road to the Bassmaster Classic

bmclassictrophyEach year Forest City Bassmasters can send a specified number of boater/non-boater members to the Ontario Bass Nation Provincial Qualifier – The Hank Gibson Qualifier (August 29-30, 2015 at Turkey Point). Number of members we can send is based on the equation (200/(# of OBN members)X(FCBM members for previous year) all rounded to the nearest even number as a club always sends a boater/non-boater pairing. Entries for this are due to OBN by May 31st. Extra members may go if spots are open after this date up to two weeks prior to the Qualifier. Singles (boaters or non-boaters) may be paired with other OBN club members after the May 31st initial deadline.

Top 10 boaters and top 10 non-boaters at the Qualifier will then go on to the Eastern Regional Divisional Tournament. Top boater and top non-boater then proceed to the National Championships. Winner of the non-boater division (2 day tournament) wins a new boat. Winner of the boater (3 day tournament) goes to the Bassmaster Classic, the biggest tournament is fishing today!

(Note: Info subject to change, FCBM will try to keep this current as possible.)

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