2018 Forest City Bassmasters Long Point Interclub Results

A great day on the water at Long Point with the top three teams all within striking distance of a 20 pound bag! Congrats to Mike Devos and Jason Barnucz from Erie Bassmsters in 1st with 19.95 lb, Mark Biesinger and Alicia Raytrowsky from Forest City with in 2nd 19.82 lb, and Jeff Douglas and Jason Ryder from Erie in 3rd with 19.79 lb. Big fish honors go to Jessie Hilliard and Terry Wilson of Erie with a 4.66 lb smallmouth!

A big thank you to Brad Thomson from MacDonald Turkey Point Marina for letting us use their stage and docking facilities and for the great draw prizes for our group. Thanks also to Erie Bassmasters for bringing their state-of-the-art weigh-in system. Everyone is really enjoying these interclub events with the extra competition pushing everyone to expand their skills on the water. Our next one will be on Lake St. Clair on October 28th. All Ontario Bass Nation member teams are welcome to attend.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

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